• I was thinking about shutters and shades forever... Finally decided to bite the bullet. Absolutely no regrets and this company made it affordable, easy and gorgeous!!! They were so careful not to mess up my paint job, cleaned & re-painted my windowsills and cleaned my windows!!!! Talk about the extra mile! My home is transformed! Never found another company who offered to look after my walls and windows like WCS&B. The owner, came out for the bid and was helpful in presenting options, colors and was a joy to work with! Use them, you will love the results!
  • Easy to deal with, Shows up as promised, Accurate, Great product, Flawless install It's been 6 months, and I still love everything about my shutters. I've had them before in other houses - these are the best. This company is awesome - I'd recommend him to anyone.
  • My husband and I recently purchased a brand new home with a LOT of windows. We knew that coming into this project of getting shutters, it would be expensive, but price aside, after reading a lot of reviews, it was also going to be about the quality of the shutters and the installation job. We decided to go with West Coast Shutters and Shades, instantly after meeting with them. The biggest upsell that no one could compete with, is their express plan. We had pay the amount 100% up front, but in return, we were able to get the shutters in 4-5 weeks, we got them in 4. Custom made here in LA, great product, competitive price, fastest turnaround, and excellent customer service. We highly recommend them and would use them again. Thanks

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